Webinar Provider Wars Continued

Argh! I had this whole webinar info post written and CRASH… Don't ya hate that?

So, anyway, I've been trying everything to get my GotoWebinar (GTW) recordings to work more easily. Remember a few days ago when I mentioned that you can get Microsoft Expressions and convert them so that you can render them in Camtasia? Well, Glenn Dobson from GotoMeeting commented that you can change a setting in GotoWebinar and get a "vanilla" .wmv file that you can edit. I appreciated that. Anything to save time, right?

Well, it took like an hour to convert for an hour-long webinar. Worked, but it was lucky I wasn't trying to use the computer at that time as it takes a LOT of resources to do the conversion and you come out with a 50+ meg file. In all fairness, Glenn warned me about that. It would have been better to just use Expressions, really. It's faster.

But the file that GTW makes are really small unless you record the entire screen. I like to switch from app to app during a webinar and well, I can do full-screen, but prefer not to. The video that comes out when you reduce the browser size is like 512 X 320, which is much too small for YouTube. I mean 640 X 480 is really the smallest rendering you should make, right, especially when you're instructing.

So, that's got me crazy. Plus, I'm paying them $99 for a 100-person room.

Have you seen GVO yet? It's Joel Therien's new website, where you can meet or share desktop for about $22 a month for up to 50 people. I really don't want more than that because I take a personal approach to mentoring. Everyone gets to ask questions, add to the conversation or whatever, and it really turns into a massive mastermind. So, that's good for me. But even if you're having more than 100 people, you'll pay huge money at GTW, unless you joined before February 2010.

If you want to check it out: http://PatMarcello.myprelaunchinvite.com/

But I also got an email from Freebinar this morning. You can record webinars there now. I'm not sure of the quality, the size or any of the details yet there, either, but I plan to try both services and see how they work out.

Keep you posted.