SEO Scribe Just Got a Whole Lot Better

I'm so excited about this, I had to write and tell you about it right away!

SEO Scribe, a plugin for WordPress, which was created by Brian Clarke of Copyblogger just got 100% better! Seriously.

From the start, SEO Scribe analyzes every post you make for search goodness. It examines your linking, the length of your post, your keyword density, and gives you a score between 0 and 100%. You can continue to edit the post until your score is 100%, which is very cool and why I like to use it. I really like that it gives you tons of tags for each post that you probably never thought of, too. I've been in love with it for a few months just for that alone. Many of my posts have hit Google in minutes because of it.


Today, SEO Scribe just got better! Now, it will allow you to do keyword research from your blog, AND, after the post is written, will give you opportunities for linking! It finds other blogs that have similar content to your post and then, you click on them, make a comment and move on to the next blog. Or, you can find Twitter tweets that are relevant and have the opportunity to tweet back. This isn't so SEO interesting because Twitter's links are "no follow," but it sure is a great way to build relationships with people in your niche.

It's fantastic! Seriously, I'm REALLY in love with it now.

SEO Scribe is not free, it's true. But for only $17 a month, you can get up to 15 evaluations. But you can upgrade to hundreds of evaluations a month, and at that level, it's purely amazing! The new features will even work on posts you've already made. For example, I made one about SEO positioning on Monday, and it #1 at Google blog search in minutes. I'll be linking that post up with some great backlinks from blog commenting, I can assure you.

Anyway, if you're interested in getting some great search engine traffic, you need to try SEO Scribe. It's a snap to install (like any other WordPress plugin), and easy to use. You'll love it!

And I'm sorry. If you're not using a WordPress blog on your own server… WHY? You're totally missing out.

Here's the link:

This upgrade just made my day!

I have to tell you that I will be paid if you buy this, but well… I own it, and I wouldn't recommend it to you if it wasn't that good. It's great!

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