Twitter: So You Think It’s Just Fun and Games, eh?

Atwittern amazing statistic came out from one of Twitter's founders, Biz Stone, at the Aspen Ideas Festival this week. Can you believe that Twitter gets 800 million search queries a DAY? Yep… Twitter isn't just for fun. It's not just one of those passing fads. It's becoming a search engine.

And if you're not considering your Twitter SEO, maybe it's time you did.

Though you don't want to be totally commercial on Twitter, what are you feeding it? It is random silly stuff, chatty conversations alone, or are you giving folks substance that applies to your niche? I mean, there is a balance there somewhere.  You definitely don't want to be all business, all the time. Twitter is a tool for your business, too.

No, I don't mean that you should put offers into any social network 24/7. I really hate it when people spam my direct messages box or when they post nothing but spammy tweets that have @PatMarcello in them, when I have nothing at all to do with the post. That irks the heck out of me. They're trying to piggy-back off my influence on Twitter, when psssttttt… There are people who have MUCH bigger influence than me. I'm a small fry in comparison to folks who really work the social sites, like Carrie Wilkerson and Warren Whitlock.

They understand the value of building relationships and of NOT using Twitter to market, but of using the site to bond. Big difference there. It's like the difference between writing posts about significant issues in your niche and AdSense scraper sites. I mean, really.

I use Twitter to post other people's material about my niche, as well as my own. Once a day, I send an AWeber email to it. Once a day. And I use Twitter to talk to folks, but not as often as I'd like. Still, I'm sure to have a presence there, offering tons of great SEO resources that people can benefit by. I'm not there selling my stuff all the time. AND, I NEVER SEND AUTOMATIC THANK YOU TWEETS when someone follows me. I frickin' HATE that. If you're doing it, please stop! Nobody cares, unless they have two followers, anyway.

Anyway, Stone says that his site is NOT a social network, but a source of news and that everyone has the wrong perception of  his product. Maybe it's time that you stepped back and took a look at what Twitter is really about and stop wasting your time just hanging out. That can be fun, but it's a huge time waster, too. Consider Twitter a search engine and the paradigm tends to shift.