I KILLED My Mouse!

OK, I know this isn’t about SEO, but something strange happened to me today.

My mouse died.

It wasn’t that old. Not really. Maybe a year or so, and we’d become pals, you know? I could depend on her for the myriad tasks I perform day in, day out, and suddenly… she just decided to STOP working. I thought it was the batteries, so made a special trip to the store to get new ones. Hmm…

I saw that when I went to put them in that spings were sprung and contacts were missing.

So, I laid her to rest.

It’s amazing the number of miles we tracked together. But she just couldn’t keep up. Lack of a good aerobics program. Eating fatty batteries. You know the deal.

So, I replaced her with a bitchin’ Logitech red mouse! Red. Who’da thunk? And it has this teeny little receptor that is about 1/8″ sticking out of a USB port. I just earned more space on my desk. Heaven knows I need it.

I only hope that it takes the warnings the old girl gave this pet before departing to file 13, to the strains of “Eleanor Rigby”: “This chick is heavy duty!…

“And she’s a mouse killer.”

Was she talking about me? Moi?

Yeah. <sigh> I’m so ashamed.

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