Marketing: Which Test Won?

At Overcome Everything I work with some of the smartest people in the world of Internet marketing, and it’s an honor just to be part of that team.  Each of the members of the staff are brilliant in their own ways, but I have to say that Kyle Battis, our marketing and affiliate manager, isn’t just a great guy, he’s really, really smart about marketing and I learn from him every single day. You should check out his stuff: Easy Traffic Steps (with Tellman and Mike Purvis) and My First Teleseminar are two of his products, and both are awesome!

But I’m not writing this to sell you his products (though if you buy them, of course I get some dough).

I’m writing to tell you about this really cool list that Kyle turned me on to. If you’ve been around the IM beat a while, you have undoubtedly heard of Marketing Sherpa, right? It’s an awesome site, so if you haven’t been there and want to learn some really, really cool stuff… go to and check it out.

Anne Holland, one of the founders of Marketing Sherpa, created another cool site and the  list I mentioned above… It’s called “Which Test Won,” and believe me, you’ll learn a lot just from checking out the results of the actual split tests that are presented each week.

It’s often surprising to see which tests made more people buy or opt in. It’s often the test I’d suspect, but I’m wrong a lot of the time, too. What these examples show you is how fickle the buying public is and that the only way to maximize your business results is through relentless testing. But this can give you a starting point for your own projects.

Even if you think you know it all… I guarantee that you don’t!

I like this so much that when the email hits my inbox, I drop what I’m doing to check the test out. It’s just that much fun and highly enlightening.

So… if you want to improve what you’re doing in your business… just sayin’… you should sign up and check it out. Oh yeah, the best part is that it’s free. :)

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