Twitter: What's Your PR?

ATTENTION: Please read this post first… Duh.

Did you realize that your Twitter profile page (the one with all of your own tweets on: has page rank? If it doesn’t, you’re not tweeting that often. If it does, and it’s a good PR, you may or may not realize that putting links on that page pass page rank to the sites on it, right?

Yep. I just checked mine out because I heard that Google just did another page rank update (Google Surprise PageRank Update by Navneet Kaushal,, and I see that I now have a PR5 on my Twitter page. Hmm… Need to send more links to that page to help my sites.

Check our your Twitter page and see where you stand. If you update Twitter frequently with cool info, you’re probably going to find a good PR punch.

It doesn’t hurt you to show up on other people’s profile pages when they have a high page rank, either. That’s why putting stuff out there that folks enjoy and having it “retweeted” by them really makes a difference.  So, if you’ve been using Twitter only to chit-chat and you’re in business, you’re wasting a valuable SEO tool.

Yes, you should be chatty on Twitter. But, you shouldn’t ONLY be chatty. Plan what you want to write in Twitter that concerns your business everyday. Maybe plan out 10 Tweets. You can go in once an hour and tweet something cool. If you want to set them all up at once, you can use a site called “ (was Tweet Later),” which allows you to schedule your tweets throughout the day.

I’m not suggesting that you send out ads all the time, like some losers do. Really, they’re not using Twitter properly, either, and they’re probably pissing a lot of people off and creating bad karma. You totally do not want that.

Find cool sites in your niche to link to. Give out some cool tips for people in your niche every day. Really give folks something worth retweeting and they will. If you mail your list, that’s another “business” tweet you can make and if you pitch once a day to your followers, nobody will care at all. In fact, if you’re giving them awesome stuff all day long and then slip in a pitch, they may even take you up on the offer because they have come to know you and trust you to provide great information.

Twitter is a powerful business tool that you have to use just right to make it important. I know very successful people who have built their entire businesses around Twitter. How long will it last? Who knows? But while we have it, work it to your best advantage.

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